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My music industry name is Lord Hector Diono my birth name is Michael A Chambers here is the full reason of my disownment request in short:

"I put my life on hold without a second thought and this is how she repaid me"

In short: My daughter had been in my care since she was two years old. Her mother was incarcerated at the time in another state. I raised my daughter alone for ten years in Atlanta Georgia,, her mother showed up in our lives and along with the grandmother decided to withdraw her from school and hide her from me. I hired a lawyer and took them to court only to learn that despite my daughter's mother's absence the court would file a child support order against me to which my now grown daughter is suing me for the first year's arrears totaling approximately 4k.. The balance was incurred because along with the plot to interfere with custody, they filed false claims of threats against me in writing claiming for the last seven years the child had been in the mothers care to establish a PTO and restraining order against me to which the local county police did nothing to legitimize the complaint filed against me and to my surprise these horrific claims were still up held by the Georgia court system, "(No Cops were made to get involved and No witnesses, nor was any of it required in court!). My daughter knows the entire thing was a bold face lie against me and yet to this day she sides with her grandmother and her mother as if they were legitimate from the start,. Now my daughter claims I put my music career before her and would not accept her calls after the court order when in reality, if I wanted to put my music career before her, then I would've never taken full custody of her when her mother abandoned her obligations to my daughter at the age of two (apparently this sacrifice means nothing to her) I am talking with an attorney here in Georgia to fully disinherit Jesaka Michelle Small by the end of 2014. The way I figure, I've got enemies that have shown me more loyalty than my own child, and with that I say , I'd rather not be associated with her or anyone like her for the next 100 years Signed Michael A. Chambers aka Lord Hector Diono MTV/Viacom/Dark Town Music Group

Im Done! As of Today I Have No Family!

Today we had a little family get together, but everyone was there early like me. Then it starts. All I hear is when are you going to get your act together? When are you going to get married? Did you pay your rent? Maybe you are gay? Are you still drinking? Im going to have you committed (I often speak of Heaven and God alot).I just want to curl up in the corner and cry. They haven’t got their life together and they are saying this to me. They tell me this knight’s code I follow is a waste of time. They have all became Atheists and Agnostics. I am so far removed from the rest of my family now there is no point in me staying around anymore. They have now pissed me off one to many times. The only two in my family who were anything like me(dreamers and poets)were my Dad and my sister. Dad died from years of trying to feed this family (I think the years of welding/metal fabrication took its toll and he died of cancer. He smoked too. And my sister Jackie went basically crazy after she had her baby aborted and was found dead on a park bench in St.Paul.she drank herself to death. She was so scared of what this over judgemental holier than thou family would say she lost her mind. And I loved my sister and my Dad they were just like me. So in order for everything that is me to not die I must disown them. And they constantly talk behind each others back. I need to calm down. But I am done. It all ends here no further!

“We don't choose our families, but we have the choice of friends. The best ones are as good as relatives. Sometimes better.”
“I was given the option to divorce my husband or divorce my family. They gave me the option and I made it, disown family”

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