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"Family can be blood, or it can be anyone that you feel a loving connection with. People stop being friends with people all of the time, and sometimes our friends treat us better than our family. So why is it a bigger issue to cut ties with family? Is it because of blood? Blood which has nothing to do with the things a person can do to another person. A person who doesn't share your blood can hurt you just as easily as a person that does. Forgiveness, they say, is divine and it is good for you. But somethings were not meant to be forgiven. Sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away."

"We need support in breaking free and making something of a life for ourselves, families should not be a prison we are trapped in."

"Simply and sincerely - I wouldn't choose any family to be my friends nor do I enjoy ever having to hang around with them... (sad but true)."

"They ****ed about me behind my back, then disowned me behind my back due to the fact that I ignored it all and got on with life. I now own five houses, a Ducatti, a sports car and a yacht, so I don"t know about disowning as I've found being disowned by my family to be very beneficial and I thank them for it."

"To me that familial tie just means someone is in my life who I had no choice over. It also means that they can mess up, and not get whacked."

"My family is two thousand miles away, and that is close enough."

"I didn't speak to my father for the last 5 or 6 years of his life. He was verbally abusive and never had a nice thing to say about or to me. Just because we are related to someone doesn't mean we have to put up with their abuse."

"Every time I meet someone that comes from a family that isn't dysfunctional, I'm so amazed. Not jealous, just amazed."

"I am glad to help you out with your thoughts, because I come from a dysfunctional family too, I have had it with them to the point that they are pretty much disowned already, some of them don't even know it yet. I think that when there are ongoing abusive, degrading, sick, things that happen in a family for an ongoing extended time I think that is more than enough of a reason to disown someone. Family or no family, we are only human and can only handle so much pain, sometimes the resentments are way too great. In my opinion families need to stick together and go to counseling or whatever will make things right, if all possible. If it has been years of counseling, problems, drama, & nothing but pain, sometimes the more healthy choice would be to break ties with those family members, I hate to say it, but, DISOWN them. Family can be toxic to us just like anyone else out here could. By the way, whether or not we might think someone is right or wrong for disowning a family member, the best thing we can do is be there for that person regardless of what we think. They need our support & love , especially through such a painful time."

"Been there and done it. I have nothing to do with my biological family at all. I hear from my sister on occasion and anymore, it's text messages and on occasion a phone call if a family member died. Other than that, there's no contact at all. And frankly, it relieved a LOT of stress from my life... I"m much happier without them."

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