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Disown: 93 created 17:37 GMT on 10/02/2018 by MaryEllen Valenzuela of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Person: Leif Harrington of Woodstock, Illinois

Born: 1982

Gender: Male

Former Relationship: Son

Reason: Leif was disowned because: Severe and inexplicable abusiveness; spreading lies to his friends that I was dead; sending me vile messages and death wishes; addiction and mental health issues that remain untreated at this time; delusional behavior and need of psychiatric evaluation and treatment that, to date, he is unwilling to admit the need thereof; utter lack of respect and gratitude to me as his sole custodial parent and all the sacrifices made in raising him comfortably and safely after divorce from a severely bi-polar father who ultimately took his own life. He has refused attempts over several years to sit down and establish communication and air any grievances, and has not told the family who are giving him a home what his issues are with his mother, whom for 5 years they thought was deceased. I hereby disown and disinherit Leif Harrington.



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